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China Central Television

China Central Television (CCTV) is the national TV network of the People's Republic of China. The television station began broadcasting on September 2, 1958.

CCTV has 12 channels, broadcasting 240 hours of programs per day. The coverage of CCTV-1 reaches over 90% of the total population of China. CCTV-4 (Chinese International Channel) and CCTV-9 (English Channel) serve the entire globe.

CCTV has established business cooperation with 237 television networks in more than 140 countries. Furthermore, CCTV has set up reporter stations in Washington, Brussels, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Macao.

CCTV has adopted new techniques and means to develop popular programs. This includes the conversion to digital in the fall of 2002 for North American CCTV-4 coverage.

☆ China Central Television

• Channel 1: General News. This channel produces the main evening news broadcast, and usually has the first run of serious, patriotic TV series.

• Channel 2: Business.

• Channel 3: Arts.

• Channel 4: International (Chinese language)

• Channel 5: Sports

• Channel 6: Movies

• Channel 7: Military and Agriculture (runs kids' programs during the afternoon)

• Channel 8: Dramatic series

• Channel 9: International (English propaganda)

• Channel 10: Education

• Channel 11: Peking Opera

• Channel 12: Society and Law

• In addition to the numbered channels, there are also: 24-hour news, Children's channel, Music, and French and Spanish - dubbed rebroadcasts of CCTV 4 and 9

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