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Ⅰ. News

-- Xinhua Magazines

☆Outlook (瞭望新闻周刊)

Official newsweekly. Articles hosted directly on

☆Oriental Outlook (瞭望东方周刊) (

Outlook spinoff also run by Xinhua; it's meant to be a quasi-independent, "alternative" news-weekly. Good domestic reporting.

☆ Globe (环球) (

-- Other Media Entities

Caijing (财经)

China's most respected business magazine, known for occasional muckraking stories.

China Newsweek (中国新闻周刊) (

Founded in 2000 by China News Service, the country's second-largest news organization and the only wire service apart from Xinhua. Unrelated to the American family of Newsweek magazines.

Sanlian Life Week (三联生活周刊) (

New Century Weekly (新世纪周刊) (

Window on the South (南风窗) (

Vista (看天下)

A good deal of each issue is made up of translations and rewrites of international and Hong Kong magazine articles. Published fortnightly.

Southern People Weekly (

New Weekly (新周刊) (

A biweekly culture and current events magazine.

Phoenix Weekly (

Loosely associated with the Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV station. This magazine operates on the mainland under a special license, and includes a VCD of a Phoenix TV program in every issue. There's a sense that it has more editorial freedom than magazines in the interior, but since it is sold at mainland newsstands, it still is subject to review by the censors.

Xinmin Weekly (新民周刊) (

Worldview (看世界)

Ⅱ. Lifestyle

-- Modern Media Group (现代传播集团)

** Modern Weekly

This is the grand-daddy of lifestyle weeklies. Published out of Guangzhou, it set the trend of putting out one magazine in several separately-bound sections - for news, life, finance, and urban fashion - that is now followed by BQ and The Bund in Beijing and Shanghai, respectively.

Modern Media also publishes The Outlook Magazine (新视线), City Magazine (号外) (HK), and City Magazine (生活) (mainland).

-- Trends Mag (

☆FHM (男人装)


☆Esquire (时尚•ESQUIRE)

The group also publishes Bazaar, National Geographic Traveler, Men's Health, Good Housekeeping, etc.

-- Southern Media Group (南方报业集团)

Magazine•名牌 (

Magazine•名牌 is the only fashion magazine in China whose target readers are no one but high-class men in the society. It aims to start an elite time and define the elite class in China."

City Pictorial (城市画报) (

Southern Metropolis Weekly

A new lifestyle and entertainment magazine launched March 2006 out of the ashes of an old sports magazine. The writing is snappy and online affairs (blogs and other Internet media) are covered heavily. Two issues a week - Entertainment on Wednesday, and Life on Friday.

Southern Media Group also publishes the news magazine Southern People Weekly (above) and several newspapers.

-- Woman Friend (女友) (

Popular series of girly-girl magazine. Launched as "Woman Friend" in 1988, it's grown to three main editions on the mainland: Cute, Style, Love. The Group has also expanded internationally, with editions in Australia, North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe

-- Other Entities

Vogue China (

Produced by Condé Nast in cooperation with the state-owned China Pictorial Publishing House

Rayli (瑞丽) (

Fashion magazine empire, flagship publication Rayli is probably the Chinese glossy magazine with the highest circulation nationwide.

Voyage (New Traveler) (新旅行) (

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