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Ming Enbo


Ming Enbo (1845-1932), whose original name was Smith Arthur Henderson, was a missionary of America Congregational Church, and later became an expert on China issues.

He was born in the United States in 1845 and began to study theology after graduation from university. In 1872 he came to Tianjin to begin his missionary work. He gradually realized that he should contact people from all walks of life to increase the influence of Christianity in China.

Besides his missionary work, he was also engaged in writing. He was once a correspondent ofNorth China Daily News. He brought forth many suggestions on China's reform. Since he was familiar with Chinese traditional culture, he wrote a lot of articles on it.

The major contributions of Ming Enbo were his many works on China and Sino-US relations. In his late years, he took up writing in the field of theology in Beijing suburbs.

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