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Mu'en Church in Shanghai


The Mu'en Church, located at Xizang Central Road in Shanghai downtown, was originally the Methodist church of Shanghai. 

First established in 1887, the church was formerly named the Moore Church to memorize the great American donator Moore.In 1929, the church was moved westward to the present site.

The church was a new gothic church designed by a European architect. The construction was completed in 1931. It features a brick-and-wood structure. It has a big lobby, and the central part is the main body of the church. It can accommodate about 1,000 people, with 560 in the hall, 380 in the balcony, and 60 in the choirs. The rectangle pillars in the hall, the balusters in the balcony, and the bema are covered with artificialstones. The concrete ribbed vault can be seen inside the church. In 1936, an American Christian donated a cross of 5 meters high illuminated by neon light when he visited the church. The cross was installed on the top of the bell tower, making the church well known in Shanghai and Fareast Asia then. In 1958, Christians of various denominational divisions worshiped here together and officially named it theMu'en Church.

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