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Jesus Family


Jesus Family was founded by Jing Dianying inShandongProvince in 1921. It was really a crazy religious belief, and was forced to dismiss in 1952.

Jing Dianying was born into an intellectual family inShandongProvince in 1890. His father was a teacher, who influenced him a lot. He was interested in Daoism from young. In 1912, he entered a church school and was baptized there. Jing Dianying was the top leader of Jesus Family and controlled all the members' thoughts and behaviors.

Propositions of Jesus Family:

1. Followers must leave their own homes and contribute their property, knowledge and even their lives to big family.

2. Different departments were set up in Jesus Family.

3. Followers called each other sisters or brothers. They wore the same clothes, ate the same food.

4. Men and women slept in different rooms.

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