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Chen Chonggui


Chen Chonggui (1883-1963) was a famous Chinese Christian priest and theologian.

He was born inWuhan,HubeiProvince, and accepted Christianism in his early time. In 1908, he began to take charge of church affairs in HubeiProvince. Later he went aroundChinato missionize and sermonize.

He claimed that Chinese followers should contribute to the development ofChinaand erase imperialism factor in churches. In the 1950s, he launched Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches inChinawith other leaders of Christianism. He was elected as vice chairman of the Committee of Three-self Patriotic Movement of theProtestantChurchin the First Chinese Christianism National Congress. He died inChongqingin 1963.

His main works includeThe General Comment to the Bible,God's PermissionandPractical Christianism.

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