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Zong Huaide


Zong Huaide (1917-1997) was chairman of theChinaCatholicBishopsCollege, chairman of the China Patriotic Catholic Association, dean of theChinese Catholic Academy of Theology and Philosophy andbishop of the Jinan Parish inShandongProvince.

Zong was born into a Catholic family inShandongProvince. In 1930, he began to study theology and graduated seven years later. In 1943, he was appointed as a priest and started the missionary work. And he took an active part in the resistance against Japanese invaders.

After the founding of the People's Republic ofChinain 1949, he called on the Chinese Catholic to shake off foreign controls and embark on a road of self-independence. He devoted much of his energy in the cultivation of Chinese Catholic and acted as the chief ofChinese Catholic Academy of Theology and Philosophy.

In 1992, he was voted as chairman of theChinaCatholicBishopsCollegeand chairman of the China Patriotic Catholic Association. In 1997, he died inBeijing.

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