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Ying Lianzhi


Ying Lianzhi (1867-1926), a Manchu man born inBeijing, was a famous Catholic inChina. One of his most important contributions toChinawas the establishment of theDa Gong Paonewspaper. 

In 1886, he became interested in Catholicism and received baptism in 1889, advocating spreading Catholicism through characters and writing several books on religion.

In 1901, he began to prepare for the publication ofDa Gong PaoinTianjinaiming for spreading new thoughts among the Chinese and improving the society.

In 1911, he set up a women's school and quit the management ofDa Gong Pao. Later, he shifted his attention to the education development inChina, asking theVaticanto set up higher schools forChina. In 1926, he died inBeijing.

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