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Haiyun Taoist Temple


The Haiyun Taoist Temple, the oldest Holy Land of Taoism in Northeast China, is situated on Songfeng Mountain in Helongjiang Province. It has a history of more than 800 years and was first constructed in the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234).

It is said that Xiao Baozhen, the founder of the Taiyi Tao of Taoism, was invited by Jin Emperor Shiying to Northeast China to propagandize Taoism. He lived in Songfeng Mountain and was treated very well. In addition, the emperor also ordered to establish a Taoist temple for him.

The buildings of the Haiyun Taoist Temple feature antique flavors and the halls are solemn and magnificent. Many Taoist disciples often come here for worship. Taoists hold ceremonial rites to pray for a prosperous country, a peaceful life and good weather every year on some important festivals.

The Haiyun Taoist Temple houses many precious cultural relics, including the famous tablet inscriptions of Jin period and the statues of 60 constellation Gods worshiped by the Taoism. In addition, there are some stone inscriptions on cliffs near the Haiyun Taoist Temple, and they are very rare in northern China.

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