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Taibai Temple


The Taibai Temple is one of the famous venues for Taoist rites in China, and it is located at the foot of Taibai Mountain in Meixian County, Shaanxi Province. Taibai Mountain is the 11thfascinating place among the 36 fascinating places of Taoism, and it has been worshiped by people for several thousand years.

As early as in the 1stcentury BC, the imperial court of that time constructed the Taibai Temple here, and every dynasty that followed repaired and expanded it. Especially, as it is said that the God enshrined here is able to relieve people away out of disasters, the temple has been expanded repeatedly.

The architectural complex of the Taibai Temple includes three layers, and has a compact layout. Entering the Temple Gate, you can directly see the Linggong Hall. It is believed by Taoism that Wang Linggong (a Taoist immortal) enshrined in this hall can distinguish good and evil, dispel monster, subdue evil spirit, disperse pathogen, treat diseases, control climate and so on. The Erlang Temple (God Erlang is the God of the Water) is on the right of the Linggong Palace. Between the Erlang Temple and the Linggong Palace, there is a path leading upward to the second layer buildings. The buildings of the second layer include a three-cave house and some immortals are enshrined in each cave. The Yaowang Temple and the Waimu Pavilion are at the left side. The highest layer of the temple is the Wudi Hall (the Hall of Five Gods) where the five supreme gods in Taoism are enshrined.

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