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Taiqing Palace


The Taiqing Palace, a famous Taoist temple and the largest Taoist building in Northeast China, is situated at Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It is also a famous Taoist temple of the Longmen Sub-Sect of the Quanzhen Sect. It was designated by the State Council as key national Taoist temple in 1983. The Taiqing Palace was first established in 1663 by Guo Shouzhen, the 8thgeneration disciple of Longmen Sub-Sect. Its original name was Sanjiao Hall, because the statues of Laozi (the founder of Taoism), Confucius (the founder of Confucianism) and Baddha were enshrined in it, presenting the thought of the Quanzhen Sect to combine three religions in one. After the construction of the Taoist temple, it was repaired and constructed many times. It was renamed as the Taiqing Palace in 1779 and became the first Taoist temple of Taoism in the northeast area.

Some additional structures were constructed in 1808, expanding the scale. It had 102 houses in total, occupying an area of 5,250 square meters. There were many precept transmissions held in the Taiqing Palace in the past the dynasties. The master of the Taiqing Palace was elected as the first President of the Chinese Taoist Association after 1949.  With the support of the Chinese government, a number of Taoists live their normal religious lives in the Taiqing Palace.

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