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Qingcheng Mountain


In southwest China, Qingcheng Mountain is located in western Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, 48 km away from the city. It features numerous undulating peaks and luxuriant forests. Therefore Qingcheng Mountain is reputed as "the most tranquil place in the earth". Qingcheng Mountain has a long history and is one of the ancient cradles of China's Taoism. It is the fifth among the top ten fascinating Taoist places in China.

There are many famous spots and historical sites in Qingcheng Mountain. The ancient architectures have their distinctive characteristics.  Poems, paintings and odes of current and ancient celebrities can be seen here and there.  In addition, there are beautiful sights and supernatural legends. Tianshi Cave is the core of all the palaces and temples on the mountain that consist of Jianfu Palace, Shangqing Palace, Zushi Hall, Yuanming Palace, Yuqing Palace, Chaoyang Cave and so on. Qingcheng Mountain has been the resort for bookmen and scholars to adventure or seclude from the earthly world since the ancient times. It was called as the "Dong Tian Fu Di" (the fascinating place and the Happy Land) and the "Shen Xian Du Hui" (the capital of immortals) in ancient times. There were many names for Qingcheng Mountain in the history, such as Wen Mountain, Tiangu Mountain, Du Mountain, Zhangren Mountain, Chicheng Mountain, Qingcheng Capital, and Tianguo Mountain, etc. Qingcheng Mountain is reputed as the Fifth Famous Mountain in China.

The architectural style of the verandas, bridges and pavilions on Qingcheng Mountain is special and unique. Most of them are supported by the logs with barks and knots, roofed with the barks of China firs, and shaded by the roots of the trees. The architectural structure is simple, elegant and vivid.


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