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China Pingju Festival


Pingju is one kind of Chinese traditional operas with a long history and a far-ranging mass foundation. Initiated in 2000, the festival is held annually in Tangshan of Hebei Province, the birthplace of Pingju.
China Pingju Festival is sponsored by Art Department of the Ministry of Culture, the Hebei Provincial Art Department and Tangshan municipal government.
The Festival aims at carrying forward the Pingju art and continuously extending its influence at home and abroad. During the festival, activities include the appraisal and performance of excellent plays, academic seminar, competition among Pingju fans, and exhibition week of Pingju films. The festival's organizing committee attaches importance to the characteristics of the era and the mass participation. Moreover, it has increased economic activities since the third festival. China Pingju Festival has made great contribution to the artistic exchange and development of Pingju.
The Fourth China Pingju Festival was held in Tangshan in September 2003 and has been changed into a biennial festival from then on.
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