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Beijing Music Festival


The Beijing Music Festival, initiated and approved by the Culture Ministry of China and the Beijing Municipal Government in 1998, is held in Beijing annually. With great contributions to world culture and arts exchanges, the Beijing Music Festival has become a symbolic cultural activity of Beijing and a world famous international music ceremony, inviting distinguished musicians and music groups from home and abroad.


The festival offers a wide variety of music performances, including opera, symphonic, solo concert, chamber music concert, classical jazz concert, song and dance drama, and vocal concert. It has attracted artists and audience form all over the world.

The Beijing Music Festival Association is a non-profit organization, and its members comprise experienced artists and excellent managers. Under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Government, they provide high-level performances to music lovers by utilizing their expertise and broad connection with international cultural and art professionals.

The annual Beijing Music Festival lasts about one month from mid-October to mid-November, and presents about 30 performances. Till 2007, the festival had been held ten times. Many world-renowned artists were invited to the festival.

The “Chinese Concept” is emphasized at each Beijing Music Festival for the past ten years. Another feature of the Festival is "commission" -- to commit excellent composers to produce new pieces for BMF.

The Beijing Music Festival also puts great emphasis on music education and public welfare. Each year's festival offers free children's concert and students' concert. The festival holds Master Classes each year in the Central Conservatory and about 6,000 students, teachers and music lovers have taken advice from well-known Chinese and foreign artists.

The Beijing Music Festival has achieved great success and won high praises from people from all walks of life. It is regarded not only as a driving force of music and cultural development, but also as one of Beijing's symbolic activities. As an international music gala, the festival will certainly continue to make great contribution to the worldwide cultural exchange and prosperity.

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