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Chinese Weightlifting Association


The Chinese Weightlifting Association was founded in 1956. Its headquarters is in Beijing. It is a national non-governmental organization and a member of the All-China Sports Federation. It is a formal member of the International Weightlifting Federation.

Major tasks of the Association are:

* to work out policies and strategies for the development of China's weightlifting;

* to establish weightlifting teams and assist the training of athletes;

* to work out judging rules and regulations, plans, and strategies for national competitions;

* to supervise national games, check results, and set up game rules;

* to organize and guide research programs;

* to develop new equipment;

* to organize international competitions in China;

* to organize Chinese players to take part in international activities;

* to promote international exchanges and cooperation.

The Chinese Weightlifting Association has the China Weightlifting Congress of Athlete Representatives, the National Committee, the Secretariat, the Coaches Committee, the Research Committee, the Publicity Committee, the Discipline Committee and the Doping Control Committee.

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