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Puhui New Year Painting


Puhui New Year Painting was originated by the wang in Gaomi. At the early of theMing Dynasty. Puhui New Year Painting had won great reputation. It passed by the refining through mang dunasties.

Then the technique is excellent.Craft has only charm. Experts praise that PUHUI Year Painting is the strage flower of Folks Art .

Puhui New Year Painting has plentiful contents, skillful conceive outline , meticulous creationand ancient style . The shape is Ancient and Simple . The style of writing is natural and unrestrained.

The painting breeze is cultured . Thin to write is float, think to write is drift along. Technique of painting make the color take place the ink. Fine and delicate is the Lure,Crary painting is that Smear over likes Splash . Not only the color is gorgeous ,but also the contrast is mightiness.So it is deeply to be liked by people .

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