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Yangko Dance in Details


Yangkodance is a traditional folk dance of the Han people, commonly performed in the northern provinces. There are two kinds of ways of performing: one is on the ground and the other is on the stilts.

Yangkoin Northeast China, combined with the local Manchu Culture, formed theYangkoof the Northeast.

Yangkoin Northeast China has three types of performance: the song-and-dance duets, Yangko performed on the ground andYangkopreformed on the stilts, with accompanied instruments the Suona (trumpet-like wind instrument), small cymbals, drum, flute, erhu (alto fiddle) and zhuBan (bamboo clappers).Yangkodancers usually wear bright and colorful costumes, and their movements are vigorous and quick, with distinguished local flavor.

Yangkoin Shandong Province: There are three representative types ofYangkoin Shandong Province, GuziYangko, JiaozhouYangkoand HaiyangYangko.

GuziYangkois popularized in the area of Linyi and Huimin, in the north of Shandong Province. The speaking and singing way of performing is humorous, demonstrating the honest and frank character of the Shandong People.

JiaozhouYangkois popularized in the area of Jiaozhou in the south of Shandong Province. The use of Suona and gong and drum makes the music interesting and joyous.

Yankoin North Shaanxi Province:Yankoin North Shaanxi Province is popular in the areas of Mizhi, Haobao, Jiaxian, Suide and Qingjian. In the Spring Festival, people in North Shaanxi Province are used to visiting others, buzzing with excitement. The tune of the score is enjoyed by the local people.

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