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Long-Drum Dance of Korean ethnic minority


People of the Korean ethnic minority are good at singing and dancing. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the music of the Korean people was already highly developed and famous. Its dances were also greatly developed. Among these dances,the Long-Drum Danceis the most famous one.

Zhang (stick) Drum Dance, also calledthe Long-Drum Dance, is left and extended from theLiangzhang (two-stick) Drum Danceof the Tang Dynasty, which can be identified by its drum shape and the way it is beaten. The Korean people developed it into a beautiful dance form with a strong local flavor, which spread widely among themselves.

The kind of drum used inthe Long-Drum Danceis with two sides of different pitches. Whiling dancing, a dancer beats the side of high pitch with a long whip with his/her one hand and beats the other side with low pitch with his/her other hand. During performance, the dancer will be excited and make different movements and postures.

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