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Ballet: The Red Detachment of Women


Although the premiere ofThe Red Detachment of Womenwas, in a strict sense, not the precedent of China's national ballet (there were previous attempts to create China's national ballets of different styles, scale and results), it still can be regarded as China's first and most successful grand ballet. From the content to its form, it was a completely Chinese-style ballet.

Adapted from the film of the same title,The Red Detachment of Womenpremiered in 1964. The ballet was a story happened in the 1930s. Qionghua fled to her home after being persecuted by Nan Batian, the landlord. She happened to meet the party leader of the local Red Army troops, Hong Changqing, who helped her join the Red Detachment of Women. Qionghua gradually became an outstanding revolutionary fighter after experiencing numerous hardships and tests. After Hong Changqing was killed in the battle, Qionghua led the Red Detachment of Women to continue their struggle.

Since its birth, the ballet has won a lot of praises from Chinese society. It was highly acclaimed for its moving and tragic plot, magnificent stage design and bright, lively characters, as well as the unique folk customs and scenery of the Hainan Islands. It was a pioneer in creating the valiant and heroic image of women soldiers on the ballet stage. A combination of the cream of ballet and Chinese characteristics,The Red Detachment of Womenadded a magnificent work to the world's ballet collection.

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