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Fish Beauty -- Classic Work of 20th Century


The dance dramaFish Beautymade its premiere in 1959.

It is a simple story. The beautiful Fish Beauty fell in love with the industrious and brave Hunter. The Mountain Demon was jealous of their love. At the wedding of the Fish Beauty and Hunter, The Mountain Demon sank the Hunter down to the seabed with his magic power and snatched the Fish Beauty. The Hunter saw through the Demon's attempts and resisted all kinds of temptations while the Fish Beauty remained faithful to their love. Finally, the couple, assisted by the old Man of Ginseng, defeated the Mountain Demon and lived together forever.

It is a collective creation by the second choreography class of the Beijing Dance School, under the instruction of Soviet expert Gusev, who's also the chief director. Gusev attached importance to bringing their individual talent into full play and the dance drama was created in several different, successive phases. A galaxy of talent made it a magnificent work and of great appeal to the audience. Dance steps and designs, such as the pas de deux of the Fish Beauty and Hunter and the Fish Beauty and Mountain Demon, as well as "corals", "sea grass", and the "snake dance", which was designed to seduce the Hunter, were all excellent and exquisite. The notable improvements in the choreography ofFish Beautydemonstrated that Chinese directors of dance drama were maturing. The work was the successful practice of "making foreign things serve China".

The premiere version ofFish Beautyhas been included in the Dance Classics of the Chinese Nation in the 20th Century.

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