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Dance Drama: Peace Pigeon


The performance ofPeace Pigeonin 1950 preludes the booming of Chinese dance dramas. As an independent art form, Chinese drama dance began in the thirties of the last century, and developed after the foundation of the People's Republic of China.Peace Pigeonis the first dance drama created after the foundation of the People's Republic of China.

The creation ofPeace Pigeonwas inspired by the issuance of the Stockholm Declaration on Peace to express the Chinese people's firm faith in safeguarding peace. ThePeace Pigeonplayed by Dai Ailian was a symbolic envoy of peace, and she brought the wish of peace to wherever she went. However, she was persecuted by the War Monger until she was rescued by the worker and flew to Beijing to receive a warm welcome by all the nationalities of China.

The grand dance drama, jointly created by some well-known dramatists, dancers, musicians and stage designers of the 1950s, was not only a magnificent artistic performance, but also served as a pioneer in the development of Chinese dance drama.

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