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Ancient Chinese Ballroom Dance


From the Han Dynasty (206BC-220 AD) to the Wei Dynasty (220-265) and the Jin Dynasty (265-420), there was a kind of dance very popular on the parties of officials and aristocrats. People danced for social intercourse and making friends. The dance was just like today's ballroom dance.

On parties, the host will dance first. After the host finishes dance, he will invite one of the guests to dance continuously. After the second dancer ends his dance, another one will be invited to dance. Thus, the dance goes on and on.

During the dance, if one is invited, he or she should not decline, otherwise, he or she will be regarded as impolite. It is an insult to the one who offers invitation.

During the Tang dynasty (618-907), there was once another kind of ballroom dance very popular. The dance was calledDa Ling, a custom on parties.

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