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Hong Kong Space Museum


The Hong Kong Space Museum, located at the center of Jianshazui in Kowloon Peninsula, is one of the most famous planetariums in Asia. The construction of the museum started in 1977. Covering an area of 8,000 square meters, the museum comprises of two wings -- east and west. The east wing has an egg-shaped dome structure, beneath which are the Space Theatre and the Exhibition Hall. The west wing houses the Hall of Sun Science.

The Space Theatre, which has a velarium with a diameter of 23 meters and can seat 316 people, is one of the largest space theaters in the world. The astrological projector can project over 8,000 fixed stars, the Moon, as well as the five major planets to the velarium. Boasting the first OMNIMAX film projector in the eastern hemisphere, the Hong Kong Space Museum was also the first planetarium in the world to possess a fully automated control system at its Space Theatre.

The Exhibition Hall introduces ancient astronomy and modern astronomy. The exhibits, predominately interactive, enable visitors to learn through a series of entertaining and educational experiences.

The Hall of Sun Science has 12 displays introducing the structure of the Sun, various phenomena of the Sun, the research history of the Sun, and so on. Inside the hall, there is a solar flare telescope with a caliber of 20cm, with which visitors can see sunglow, solar prominences, chromosphere and photosphere, etc. The hall encourages visitors to operate some apparatuses by themselves.

The museum also carries out some activities jointly with various cultural organizations in Hong Kong to popularize astronomical knowledge.

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