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Museum of Chinese Science and Technology


The Museum of Chinese Science and Technology on northern section of the 3rd Ring Road presents both permanent and short-term exhibitions. It was opened to the public in September 1988. As a national museum of science and technology, it is an important front of popular science education in China, whose main task is to disseminate knowledge of science and technology among the public, and help increase the scientific and cultural literacy of all citizens.

The activities of China Science and Technology Museum include popular science exhibitions, Astro-vision film shows, training-based education programs and experiment-based exhibition programs. The museum covers an area of 40,000 square meters, of which 16,000 square meters is for exhibition halls.

Hall: (completed in 1988, Project) The exhibits of ancient Chinese technology introduce astronomy, the compass, gunpowder, bronze smelting and casting, papermaking and printing. The displays of modern science introduce technology-electromagnetism, mechanics, heat, acoustics, optics, nuclear technology and information technology. There are activities organized to encourage the participation of the visitors, encouraging them to explore and practice science via exhibits.

Hall: (completed and opened in May 2000, Project) Housed in its new exhibition hall are more than 300 examples from aeronautics; astronautics; energy; communications; material science and mechanics; information technology; life science; and environmental science. Several fields of basic science are also covered. Much focus is placed on China's scientific inventiveness and technological pre-eminence in history.

The Astro-vision Theater is one of the museum's major attractions and also one of the largest Astro-vision theaters in the world. It encapsulates state-of-the-art cinematography engineering that makes viewers feel they are participating in actual events rather than seeing a film.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, many influential science activities are also held at the museum, and the museum aims to become an important window showcasing the achievements of China's implementation of the strategy of revitalizing China through science and education.

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