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Museum of Korean Folk Customs in Longjing



The Museum of Korean Folk Customs in Longjing, located on the east suburb of Longjing City of the Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province and founded in April 1982, is a regional nationality folk custom museum.

The museum consists of three parts, the Exhibition Hall, the Traditional Dwelling and the Modern Residence. The Exhibition Hall displays the folk relics of the Korean nationality, including tools of production, tableware, furniture, costumes, shoes and hats, ornaments, books, calligraphy, folk musical instruments and articles for recreational activities.

The display of family life is composed of two parts, the traditional dwelling and modern residence, showing the evolution of the Korean family life and the residential architecture. The traditional dwelling restores the scene of the Korean family life in Yanbian at the beginning of 20thcentury and displays the relics of the Korean folk customs in Yanbian in the past one hundred years. Compared with the traditional dwelling, the modern residence is undergoing a continuous change with the exception of the dining room and thekang(heated brick bed), which is more or less the same as the traditional dwelling.

The museum has collected about 2,000 items of folk custom relics, including a still workable manual loom with its accessories made in 1860 and a small octagon dining table for one person use made in 1880.

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