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Chinese Unique Architectures



Que was a kind of architecture in ancientChinausually erected at the entrance of landmark structures, such as palaces, mansions, temples and mausoleums, etc. It was originally built for watch and ward, but later developed into decretive architecture, to give prominence to the stateliness and high status of the structure. Generally, Que falls into the following three types:

1. Watchtower on either side of a palace gate

2. Decretive carvings in front of aristocratic mansions

3. Stone carvings erected in front of a temple or tomb, usually engraved with such relievos as human figures, beasts, legendary animals, etc.


Paifang, also called Pailou in Chinese, is very Chinese architecture. Actually, a Paifang is an archway usually made of fine wood or stone, well painted and with glazed tiles sometimes, for memory and decoration. On its middle beams, moral inscriptions by certain calligraphist, mostly preaching some norms, often can be seen. Usually, these so-called memorial structures stand in downtown areas, or before entrances of mausoleums, temples, bridges and parks.

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