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Ganlan in Southwest China


Ganlan(a wood or bamboo storied house) are mainly distributed in the southwest provinces ofChina, such asYunnan,Guizhou,Guangdongand Guangxi. It is the residence for Dai, Jingpo, Zhuang and other minority groups.

AGanlanusually stands alone, separated from otherGanlanhouses. Supported by poles, the living quarter ofGanlanis usually on the second floor high above the ground, while the first storey is retained for raising domestic animals and storing; in this wayGanlancan ward off moisture, as well as the attack of insects, snakes and other animals.

The Dai bamboo house is usually supported by some bamboo pillars. The roof is covered by weaved grass. The refined balusters and aisles make the building even more special and beautiful. The Naxi storied building in Yongning is made of wood; people live in the center of the upper floor, which is also the place where people worship and rest. The Benglong short-foot bamboo house has front and back halls, divided by a bamboo fence. Men live in the front hall and women in the back hall, both of which have a stove. The Jingpo bamboo house is known for its long-ridge and short-eaves roof. The ZhuangMalanhouse is similar to wooden structure.

There are also some wood storied buildings in the Dong villages in Sanjiang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The bamboo buildings of theYaopeople are an exception: people live on the lower floor, while grains and sundries are stored on the upper floor; the domestic animals do not live inside, but behind the building. Buildings of the Bai people usually face the east, and people also live on the lower floor, with the central room as the main hall for meeting guests. The Bulang bamboo buildings are very simple: they usually use grass to cover the roof; there is a stove at the center of the upper floor, around which people have dinners and receive guests.

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