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Xinjiang Hami Melon


The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Northwest China, the home of fruits and melons, abounds in numerous kinds of fruit, and is especially famous for Hami melons.

Hami melon from Shanshan County of Xinjiang has a history of more than 700 years. Shanshan, located in the Turpan Basin, enjoys fertile soil, long time sunshine and great difference between day and night, which is propitious to photosynthesis and accumulation of sugar fruits and melons. Besides, the melted snow water running down from Tianshan Mountains around the basin supplies the plants with plenty of water.

Different kinds are different in shape, color and rind pattern. Hami melons have various shapes of round, ellipse, olive, ovum, long sticks and short barrels, etc. The color of the pericarp also varies: jade-white, golden, blue, etc. All Hami melons feature fragrance, tasty and juiciness, and the Turpan crisp red- heart" and the golden dragon are of the best quality.

Hami melon is good in taste and rich in nutrition, and has high curative value as well. It is abundant in vitamins, apple acid, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, etc. It helps improve the blood generating function of the body. The pericarp of Hami melon can be processed into feedstuff, and the fried seeds are very savory.

Now its reputation has been spread abroad. Encouraged and protected by the government and developed in due course, Hami melon has gained its fame far and wide.

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