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Needles for TCM

2013-04-25 17:19:18


Acupuncture-Moxibustionis one of the most ancient and characteristic therapeutic techniques of Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medical acupuncture treatment with needles has played an extremely important role in history; even in the age of the New Stone Age there was already a kind of original needle called bianshi (bian stone) that was used for cutting abscess or eliminating some indisposition or ailment.

From the use of spiculas (small sharp-pointed spikes), bamboo needles, andceramicneedles to copper needles, silver needles, and today's stainless steel needles as well as magnetic needles, needles have always been basic necessity of acupuncture.

According to the Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di Nei Jing), there were nine kinds of metallic needles in ancient times with different shapes and usage, including the needles for puncturing, surgical incision, andmassage. Along with the progress of tools and technology, the nine needles also evolved over the course of history, with some of them no longer being used for clinical treatment.