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Bronze Human Figure for Teaching Acupuncture

2013-04-25 17:19:18


Wang Weiyi, an official medical officer during the reign (1023-31) of Emperor Tiansheng of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), cast a life-sizedbronzehuman figure for teachingacupunctureand moxibution (heat therapy).

The model was marked with 657 acupuncture -points, and each point bore its name. Students used the model to practice, and during examinations a layer of yellow wax was applied, so as to cover up the points and their names.

The inside of the model was filled with water. During examinations, if the insertion was made at the right point, water would ooze out, but if a student failed to locate the required acupuncture point, no water would come out. There is a replica of the figure in the Museum of Chinese History inBeijing.