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Complete Dictionary of Effective Prescriptions for Women

2013-04-25 17:19:59


Furen Daquan Liangfang, also calledFuren Liangfang Daquan,Furen Liangfang JiyaoandFuren Liangfang, was finished in 1237, with Chen Ziming as the author.

Chen Ziming, born in a family of physicians for generations, was good at obstetrics and gynecology. He believed that gynecopathy was the hardest to cure, especially many obstetrical diseases were very dangerous, and compiled the 24-volumeComplete Dictionary of Effective Prescriptions for Womenbased on the merits of other schools of medical theories and the proved recipes in his family.

The book is in 24 volumes,and is divided into 8 categories, containing more than 260 articles. Xue Ji made either augment or abridgement when he compiledJiaozhu Furen Liangfang(Notes to Effective Prescriptions for Women). The book is divided into 10 categories, with a note under each piece of writing, and there are cured cases and new prescriptions attached in most parts. The book quotes many kinds of medical books, and expounds such cases in detail as the development of the fetus, diagnosis of pregnancy, pregnant hygiene, pregnant women's contraindications, special diseases during the pregnancy period, all kinds of dystocia, puerperal care and diseases after delivery. The book is a summing-up of predecessors' accomplishments and the author's clinical experience. It has rich contents and forms a complete system both in theory and in practice, having high academic value and practical value as well. It can be regarded as the first sophisticated monographic works on obstetrics and gynecology in China. Its popularization has greatly promoted the development of gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine.