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Chinese traveling abroad reflect nation's character

2013-03-05 10:19:53


These things are trivial and not valuable enough to be put on record by the police. We can only depend on the good quality and morality of the passengers to prevent such incidents.

The causes for such small-mindedness are complicated. It's a matter of low-quality character and morality due to inadequate education.

Besides, decades of poverty imprinted an instinct among Chinese to snatch and grab when they have the chance.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the living conditions of Chinese have improved a lot. But the character of the Chinese has failed to advance with the times.

Airplanes are the main mode of international travel nowadays, and the language and manners of passengers from all over the world are on full display in the limited space of the cabin.

This could vividly reflect the degree of a country's modern civilization and morality.

If Chinese don't rid themselves of such small-minded mentalities and fail to leave these bad and humiliating habits at home when they travel overseas, they will not be respected across the world. Nor could China be regarded as a great power in the international arena, as citizens are the cells that constitute a nation.

Editor: Shi Liwei

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