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Don't Let Chinese Characters Become a World Heritage




Second, more importance should be attached to the special function provided by blackboard during education and teaching process. For many years, blackboard functioned less and less in primary and secondary schools in many areas with developed economy and culture as many teachers, even Chinese language teachers just click the mouse to display their teaching contents in a "simultaneous broadcasting" manner without writing a single word on the blackboard throughout a class. In light of this, relative state departments have expressly stipulated that teachers of primary and secondary schools must carry out a certain amount of blackboard writing during class.

Third, rigid indicators should be set forth to require schools and students to pay more attention to Chinese characters writing. For example, characters writing can be included in various types of examinations, under the influence of which schools and students have to take it seriously. In addition, activities like seminar, competition, calligraphic work exhibition and interest group can be carried out to improve students' interests in writing and inspire students to raise their handwriting ability.

A great deal of attention must be paid to the key function served by Chinese characters writing education in inheriting traditional culture, otherwise, it would be a huge irony for the whole nation when it comes to apply Chinese characters for "world cultural heritage".

Source from People's Daily Online

Editor: Shi Liwei

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