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Goings-on in China: A Bite of China


More telling is table manners in China. Vastly different from western customs, it calls for guest-centric seat arrangement, effusive hospitality and most of all, careful use of the utensils. For example, never stick chopsticks upright in the rice bowl, make sure the spout of the teapot is not facing anyone and don't tap chopsticks on the bowl.

In addition, food symbolism has long become a national phenomenon. Foods are often given, by accident or design, different meanings. For example, the guest may be served a chicken head as a showcase of respect and hospitality. People in some regions will have noodles, a symbol of longevity, on their birthdays in hope of health and happiness.

A hard fact, however, is that food scandals over recent years, such as tainted milk and cooking oil collected from sewers, has made a dent in the public confidence on food no matter where it comes from. The scandals have thrown food quality into the national spotlight and the public have called for greater efforts to stamp out such health hazards.

The large scale documentary full of beauty and meaning is now a hard act for other rival programs to follow. But more significantly, it has rekindled the public fervor towards food - a point of pride for the Chinese people.

Many audience members are placing online orders for the food or ingredients discussed in the program and savvy Weibo users are gushing avid praises of the production.

User carina爱枫叶的猴子 wrote:"#A Bite of China# After watching the show, I want to travel more and taste more. I really feel impulsive to start my journey now, look around and enjoy the Chinese food in different regions!"

User 钅戋弓虽 wrote:"#A Bite of China# The show is a great success because it presents a beautiful and pure China that has long been remembered by the Chinese people. Its success shows a lack of something in today’s society, root."

User ak722 wrote: "A Bite of China# what is the ultimate secret in the kitchen? There is no secret at all. That was what I found when I finished all the documentary series yesterday."

By Xu Xinlei

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