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Spring Festival

2006-11-01 11:12:39

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West.

Mid-Autumn Festival

2006-09-28 19:33:19

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the 15th day of the 8th month is the exact middle of autumn

Peking Opera

2006-11-21 15:25:47

Although there are more than 360 ancient local operas in China, Peking Opera is known as China's national opera, despite its comparatively young 200-year history.

Kunqu Opera

2006-11-21 16:18:43

KunquOpera is one of the oldest forms of opera still existing in China, with its origins dating back to the end of theYuan Dynasty(1271-1368).


2006-09-28 19:39:27

Acupuncture is an important part of Chinese medicine. It was initially invented as a medical treatment technique and gradually became a science.

Diagnostic Methods of Chinese Medicine

2006-09-28 19:42:07

In Chinese medicine, doctors use various diagnostic methods to get full and detailed information about the patients and to guide their treatment.

Tibetan Medicine

2006-09-28 19:37:09

Tibetan medicine, one of the world's oldest ancient medical systems that began over 2,300 years ago

Kite-Making Techniques

2006-10-31 14:08:12

Kites were invented in China over 2000 years ago. Throughout history, Chinese traditional culture integrated with kite craft

Herbal Tea Making

2006-10-31 14:05:58

Liang Cha, or cold tea, is a favorite drink for people in the Guangdong area, as well as Hong Kong and Macau. Known as herbal tea in Chinatowns and traditional Chinese medicine shops in western countries

Shaolin Kungfu

2006-11-19 11:05:20

Shaolin Kungfu (Shaolin Martial Art) is one of the most influential genres of Chinese martial arts, and it's named after where it originated -- the Shaolin Temple

Tai Ji Quan

2006-11-19 11:01:31

Tai Ji Quan has its philosophical roots in Taoism and is considered an internal martial art, utilizing internal energy

Suzhou Pingtan

2006-11-19 15:36:51

SuzhouPingtanis a general term denoting Suzhou Pinghua and Tanci, namely, storytelling and ballad singing in the Suzhou dialect.

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