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Puxian Opera


Sort£ºTraditional Opera


Serial No.£º¢ô-3

Declarer£ºPutian City, Fujian Provine

Puxian Opera is an ancient opera in Fujian Province. Originally it was called Xinghua Opera, and was popular in Putian and Xianyou £­hence the modern name of this art genre, as well as in central and southern Fujian -- in places where the local Xinghua dialect was spoken.

With a distant origin and long development, Puxian Opera has a long history. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420 - 589), large numbers of people from the central area moved to Fujian and introduced the Baixi Opera. Later on, Puxian Opera developed into its own opera with strong local color in its language, tune and performance and was called "Xinghua tune" or "Xinghua Opera." It was named Puxian Opera in 1954.
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