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Auspicious prairie, blissful Asia(Exclusive)

Photo Exhibition Held During 11th Asian Art Festival in N China

Theatrical Performances Bring Happiness to Ordos

Flower Decorated Cars Light Ordos Night

Intangible cultural heritage exhibition of minorities kicks off in Ordos

The Nadam congress opened on the Eleventh Asia Arts Festival

Fancy car parade of the Eleventh Asia Arts Festival

The First Ordos Nadam Festival Opened in Genghis Khan Mausoleum

Ordos Bronzes Exhibition

Asia Sculpture Arts Theme Park: “Embrace of Love”

Art Works from Foreign Embassies on Display in North China

Asian Cultural Ministers Gather to Discuss Cultural Development under Financial Crisis

11th Asia Arts Festival kicks off in Ordos

Ordos Wedding

Performancs of the 11th Asia Arts Festival
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Performers from Various Countries made Their Entrance to the Stage (Exclusive)
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