Inner Mongolia, Sea of Songs and Dances

The Mongolians have a great tradition of music and dance. Their folk songs, describing feelings and events, are known for their high pitched lovely melody and free rhythms and beat.


Wine-cup Dance in Erdos

It is a kind of dance popular in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. On a festive or celebrative feast, after eating and drinking to their heart's content, people will grab wine cups from the table and start to dance to express happiness.


Oroqen Dances

They are jovial and generous and like to sing and dance. They excel at improvising songs. For geographical reasons and unique to their way of life, their dancing is characterized by imitation of the postures and movements of animals.


Mongolian Religious Dance

Historically, a Tsam ceremony was held at the beginning of the year to exorcise evil. It consisted of a series of masked dances and often had a narrative content. Tsam means masked dance.


Mongolian Folk Dance

According to history, the earliest dance in Inner Mongolia was named tage (stamping feet accompanied by singing). The pastoral life and the work of herdsmen became the source for dance there.


Chopsticks Dance

The Chopsticks Dance is popular in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. It is originally a single men's dance for marriage or festival ceremonies, usually accompanied by a stringed instrument and singing.

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