Pulled Noodles

La Tiao Zi, a kind of hand-pulled noodles, are noodles made by drawing out the wheat dough by hand. It is a most favored food of the Uygur and Hui people and famous around the world.


Shish Kebab

Xinjiang Shish Kebab is as famous as the roast duck of Beijing. It is a popular snack nationwide -- found in the streets and bazaars throughout China, and a lot of people like it very much.


Barbecued Whole Lamb

The barbecued (or roasted) whole lamb is the "king" of Xinjiang cuisine and the highlight of a dinner. It is a match for Beijing's roast duck. As one of the most famous and precious dishes of the Uygurs, it's usually the most expensive course on the menu and a symbol of extravagance.


Hotan Jade

Northwest China'sXinjiangUygur Autonomous Region is famous for its jade products all over the world, with Hotan as one of the most important producing areas.


Yengisar Knives

Yengisar is a county in Northwest China'sXinjiangUygur Autonomous Region, and the Yengisar knives have been produced for 400 years. They are made with exquisite skill, and coming in beautiful shapes and delicate designs that display the unique Uygur style.



Among the pottery in theXinjiangUygur Autonomous Region of Northwest China, the much-imitated earthenware is the most famous, with a long-standing history. Both traditional skills and innovations have helped meet present demand.

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