Mongolian Folk Dance

So the Andai dance in Inner Mongolia nowadays is not simply a dance. It has religious and mystical meanings. When women get depressed because of the restraints of love and marriage, their families invite a Shaman to dance "Andai." Singers and masses are also invited. Together with them come young men and women from nearby. No musical instruments are used, but fixed with rhythm and libretto. Some dance movements are composed impromptu, some simple and ordinary. Led by the Shaman, the audience encircles the singer and dance around her. In this way, they try to console the patient. They sing: "Spread out your black hair, Ah, Andai!" "Your friends are all here, Ah, Andai!" or "Who are you missing? Speak out and you will be fine!" With speeding rhythm, people begin dancing wildly. The patient is therefore stimulated to feel better.

Chagan Lindar Dance

On the Xinlin Gol Grassland of Inner Mongolia there is a recreational dance called "Chagan Lindar", which means "playing with a stick" in Mongolian. It is mainly performed by young men and women in every mid-autumn when the moon becomes full. First, the young men and women who take part in this dance are divided into separate groups, and then a girl will be chosen from the group of women to act as the "bride." The "bride" carries a wood stick in her hand and exerts all her effort to throw it into the depth of the grassland. The young men have to search all over the grassland for it. If a young man gets it first, the other men will swarm to him to scramble for the stick. The one who finally gets the stick wins the game and becomes the "groom." who has the privilege to dance with the "bride". All the other young men and women also join in the singing and dancing until late at night. In fact, this recreational dance provides opportunities for unmarried men and women to meet and choose their life companions freely.

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