Zhurihe Prairie

The Zhurihe Prairie Tourist Area is 102 kilometers southwest of Tongliao City and 7 kilometers from the 304 State Highway.

The tourist area has a construction area of 3,250 square meters. The five palace-style Mongolian tents full of Mongolian features are located on a platform with a height of 1.2 meters. The banqueting hall and song and dance hall are at the east and west sides. South of the buildings is an international standard racecourse. The annual Tongliao horse race is held here.

It offers catering for 300 people and guests have a chance to taste traditional Mongolian food with local characteristics. In the west wing are 18 luxury fixed tents; and the east wing has 14 traditional Mongolian tents with Mongolian characteristics, accommodating up to100 people.

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