The Ice and Snow Festival of Arxan Mountain

Arxan Mountain is famous for its heavy snow and long snow period which lasts 277 days, from September to May. The vast and thick snowfield of Arxan Mountain is an ideal place for skiing.

The area boasts three ski resorts in the east, west and south of Arxan City, of which the West Arxan Ski Resort is built according to international skiing competition standards, and is favored for professional training and competitions; the East Arxan Ski Resort boasts several ski runs for almost all levels of ski lovers from young beginners to adults.

During the Ice and Snow Festival, travelers can tour the city on a horse-pulled sledge, ski at Arxan Ski Resort, enjoy recreational activities in the snow such as snow motorcycling, sledging, skiing and enjoy a warm spring bath. Tourists can also visit the ice and snow and ice carving exhibitions, enjoy the underwater "forest world" at the ice-free river, and visit the remains of a volcano at Shitanglin.