Mongolian People's Life

Food made of meat is called "Wulanyide" in the Mongolian language, wmeaning of red food, and includes boiled whole sheep, Shouba mutton, kabob, and boiled thin mutton slices.

The Mongolians of Erdos traditionally treat guests with a whole boiled sheep, called "Xiusi" or "Wucha" in Mongolian. Wucha feasts include a solemn set of rites: first, guests are seated in turn, according to age and honor; then, the host brings an entire boiled sheep on a square wooden plate, and places it in the middle of the red-lacquer table. The sheep's limbs are crossed, with the head facing the guests. Then the host holds up a silver bowl of fresh milk to the guests, symbolically welcoming them with the grassland's best food.

Guests take milk in turn, and dip the ring finger of their right hand into it, and flick milk towards the sky and the ground, before tasting it themselves. The host then sings a traditional congratulatory speech, before the guest of honor turns the sheep's head towards the host.

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