Hotan Jade

Northwest China'sXinjiangUygur Autonomous Region is famous for its jade products all over the world, with Hotan as one of the most important producing areas.

Hotan was once known as the State of Yutian. It is an important city in southern Xinjiang and was once the major transport center of the southern route of theSilk Road. Since ancient times, Hotan has been known as rich in jade resources, especially the white jade resources. In history, the king of the State of Yutian always sent jade presents to the rulers in the inland as tribute. The major deposits of Hotan jade are tucked away deep in the loftyKunlun Mountains.

The most famous kinds of Hotan jade are suet jade, black jade, and jadeite. The suet jade, the best kind of the white jade, is gentle and purely white as its name "suet" suggests, while the black jade is shining black. The two kinds are rare materials used to make jade ornaments like finger rings, bracelets,seals, and curios. The jadeite, green as emerald, is even more valuable.