Since ancient times,Xinjianghas been a breeding ground for such acrobatic arts as pole stunts, ball juggling, sword skills, magic, and animal taming. Traveling showmen who made their livings from acrobatic shows have taken these breathtaking skills far and wide. Increasingly frequent exchanges of acrobatic arts between Xinjiang and throughout inland China have added new color to this ancient art.

After the founding of new China, Xinjiang's acrobatic artists cast off their strenuous itinerant lifestyle and became a union. Aided by professional training from visiting teachers from inland provinces and regions, acrobatic arts in Xinjiang embarked on a path of scientific training, regulated operations and creative productions, and practitioners have become fully respected as artists.

In the XinjiangAcrobaticsTroupe for example, about 60 performers from different ethnic groups now have solid training and fully developed skills. Drawing upon traditions and multiple resources while also making creative innovations, they have developed their unique performing style and become highly successful since the 1980s. Their repertoires include hand stunts, card tricks, lamp rolling, plate spinning, one-arm handstands, feats of skill with bowls and ropes, magic, vocal mimicry, skits, aerial tightrope walking (Dawaz), uneven tightrope walking, and springboard stunts. Among these, hand stunts, lamp rolling, card tricks/flipping and uneven tightrope acts have garnered such prizes as the "Golden Lion" and the "Silver Lion" in national competitions, and various prizes in international events.

The most notable Xinjiang acrobat is Adil Hoshur, who has set the Guinness World's record for aerial tightrope walking five times since his successful crossing of theThree Gorgeson theYangtze Riveron June 22, 1997. Adil has become world-famous, and is honored the "Master of Aerial Arts" by the people's government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

As cultural ambassadors representing the Chinese people, Xinjiang's acrobatic artists have visited some 20 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America in recent years. Their enticing music, spectacular performances and stunning skills have won wide acclaim from audiences and experts alike. The splendid pearl of China's West is now gleaming around the world.