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History of Fuzhou

As the capital city of Fujian province in southeast China, Fuzhou boasts a history of around 2,000 years.Fuzhou was founded as the name of Yecheng, meaning "the beautiful" 202BC. And got the name Fuzhou which means the land of happiness.

Basic Info about Fuzhou

Fuzhou City is situated in the eastern part of the Province.Fuzhou, the center of economy, politicsl, culture and transportation of Fujian Province, was so named after a mountain situated in the north called Mt. Fu.

Historic and Scenic Spots
Golden hill temple

Golden hill temple is located in Fuzhou on the west near village of outskirt Hong Tang on Wu Longjiang. Build at Song Dai, it is the temple in the water with exclusive Fuzhou.

· The Opposing pagodas
· Mt. Wu and Mt. Yu
· Drum Hill (Gu Shan)
· West Lake Park
· The Earth Tower of Hakka
· The Horse-Tail Harbor
· River Min
Life in Fuzhou

Some people of the Northern Song Dynasty who reached western Fujian Province began to be called Hakka, which means guest families.

· She Ethnical Group
· Climate
· Worship of Mazu
· Entertainment places
· Transportation
· Shopping in Fuzhou
· Useful Telephone Numbers
· Famous Universities
Special Products and Foods
Shoushan Stone

Carving Shoushan stone is a kind of alabaster quarried from a mountain called Shoushan in the northern suburbs of Fuzhou.

· Lacquer Painting
· Bodiless Lacquerware
· Special products
· Tea
· The litchi meat
· Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha Jumps over the Wall)
· Yanpi
· Yu Wan (Fish Ball)
· Guang Bing (Qi Jiguang Cake)
· Li Bing (Oyster Cake)
Lin Zexu

Lin Zexu (1785 –1850) was a Chinese scholar and official during the Qing dynasty.

· Lin Juemin
· Yan Fu
· Bing Xin
· Hou Debang

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Key Words

Tea   West Lake   

Temple      Su Dongpo 


Fans   Embroidery

Garden     Fuzimiao

Zhonghua Gate

Nanjing Salted Duck

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