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Spring Festivals

The most celebrated Tibetan tranditional festivals in spring are Sage Dawa Festival, Gyangtse Horseracing and Archery Festival, Ghost-Exorcising Festival, Water Thanksgiving Festival, Eagle Adoration Festival.
Summer Festivals

The most celebrated Tibetan tranditional festivals in summer are Buddha Unfolding Festival, Universal Prayers Festival, Paying Homage to Holy Mountains Festival, Nagqu Horseracing Festival, Shoton Festival, Lingka Festival, Gyangtse Dharma Festival, Yangle Festival in Dege.
Autumn Festivals

The most celebrated Tibetan tranditional festivals in autumn are Bathing Festival, Harvest Festival, Fairy Maiden Festival.
Winter Festivals

The most celebrated Tibetan tranditional festivals in summer are Tibetan New Year, Great Prayer Festival, Butter Lamp Festival, Tsong Khapa's Festival, Tibetan Meadow Festival, Molang Qinbo Festival.
Tibet Festivals

Many festivals have evolved and have gained great popularity among Tibetans, such as Tibet New Year, Great Prayer Festival, Butter Lantern Festival, Shoton Festival.
Tibetan New Year

Unlike the Han people, Tibetans living in different areas celebrate their New Year in varying ways and at different times.
Great Prayer Festival

The Great Prayer Festival is held from January 4-11 on the Tibetan calendar, usually in February of the Gregorian calendar.
Butter Lamp Festival

The Butter Lamp Festival falls on January 15th of the Tibetan calendar.
Saka Dawa Festival

The Saka Dawa Festival falls on April 15 of the Tibetan calendar.
Gyangtse Horseracing and Archery Festival

The Gyangtse Horseracing & Archery Festival It falls on April 15-18 of the Tibetan calendar, usually around May or June of the Gregorian calendar.
Buddha Unfolding Festival

The Buddha Unfolding Festival is celebrated from the 14th to the 16th in the fifth Tibetan month.
Universal Prayer Festival

The Universal Prayer Festival is celebrated on the 15th of the fifth Tibetan month.
Paying Homage to Holy Mountains Festival

Paying Homage to Holy Mountains Festival is celebrated on fourth day of the sixth Tibetan month.
Nagqu Horseracing Festival

The Nagqu Horseracing Festival begins on August 1 on the Gregorian calendar each year, and lasts from five to 15 days.
Shoton Festival

The Shoton Festival begins July 1 on the Tibetan calendar, and lasts a week. It is also known as the Yogurt (Banquet) Festival since locals customarily eat Tibetan yogurt during the gala. "Sho" means the yogurt and "ton" means banquet in the Tibetan language.
Bathing Festival

The Bathing Festival begins on the sixth day of the seventh Tibetan month and lasts for a week.
Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is celebrated at the end of the seventh Tibetan month just before peasants begin to reap their crops. This is usually in September of the Gregorian calendar.
Tsong Khapa's Festival

The Tsong Khapa's Festival, also known as Tsong Khapa Butter Lamp Festiva, falls on the 15th of the 10th month of the Tibetan calendar.
Lingka Festival

The Lingka Festival starts April 15 on the Tibetan calendar and ends early in eighth month.
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