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Aboriginals in Tibet

Of the many ethnic groups living in Tibet, the Tibetan, Naxi, Nu, Hui, Moinba, and Lhoba together with Deng and Sherpa groups have been inhabitants of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region since ancient times.
Tibetan Ethnic Group

The Tibetan ethnic group is one of the oldest in China. The people have their own written and oral language, and believe in Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetans mainly live in Southwest China's Tibetan Autonomous Region with the rest forming Tibetan communities in neighboring Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, and Yunnan provinces.
Deng People

The Deng people, also known as the Dengba, live mainly in the valleys of the E Qu, Zayu Qu, Gedo Qu, and Dolai Qu rivers in Zayu Township of Zayu county in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
Lhoba Ethnic Minority

The Lhobas mainly inhabit the Lhoyu area in the southeastern part of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, with the population numbering 2,965 by the year 2000.
Moinba Ethnic Group

The Moinba ethnic group, with a 2000 population of 8,923, is mainly distributed over the Monyu and Metog areas in the southeastern part of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
Sherpa People

The Sherpa people are concentrated in Chentang in Dinggye county as well as Zham and other areas that border Nepal. The term "Sherpa" translates literally into "easterner," referring to their origins in eastern Tibet.
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