Tea and Wine

Updated: 2014-05-14 11:16

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A dialogue between France and China set-up by means of 2 symbols that represent the art of living and conviviality.

Tea and Wine is a revelatory exhibit demonstrating the meeting points of wine and tea, as if they were 2 cousins from the same family. This exhibit seeks to present parallels between these 2 worlds of expertise, both originating from ancient civilizations, yet equally harboring the spark for innovation.

Combining the artistic creations related to both these great traditions (the world of ceramics & the world of crystalware) with contemporary pieces specifically designed for this exhibit, this event also showcases an original, unique document which thus far has been disregarded by the Chinese public: Cha Jiu Lun (Dialogue On Wine and Tea).

The exhibit works its way up to the level of the cultural and artistic sources of these 2 great segments of civilization (mythology, respect for mother earth, heritage conservation, pathways and diffusion), in an attempt to bring about a reciprocal sharing and recognition between these 2 immense gastronomical and cultural traditions.

If You Go:

Free entrance

19 May - 16 July 2014

Tel: 010-65819058

Add: N°20 (jia), Dong Huangchenggen Bei Jie, Beijing


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