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简化服务 pared-down service

2014-04-03 17:23:14


默哀 silent tribute

对于腐败分子和腐败行为,我们实行的是“零容忍”。"zero tolerance" for corrupt officials

你懂的 I think you understand what I mean/ You know what I mean

简化服务 pared-down service

没有迎接仪式 no welcome ceremony

没有鲜花礼品 no flowers or gifts

开正门,堵偏门。Keep the front gate open and block the side doors.

有贪必反,有腐必惩。Fight every corrupt phenomenon, punish every corrupt official.

遇万难需放胆,破困局要智慧。When confronted with mounting difficulties, one needs guts; and to tackle a difficult situation, one needs to have wisdom.